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Then she ran screaming back into the tea room. “Call an ambulance! Where’s Dr. Adams? A car hit a little girl!”  The quiet gathering erupted. Some people ran to the balconies. Dr. Adams raced down the staircase to the street with Dr. Peterson and Bryce right behind him.


By the time Jessie got to the front porch of the museum, she saw Bryce on his knees in the street holding the girl’s hand. His face was as white as his shirt. Dr. Adams applied mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Dr. Peterson hovered nearby.


She started down the steps and felt a firm hand on her shoulder.  “Stay here, Jess,” said her dad. “They have enough people down there."


She heard a siren grow louder and louder. Next to her someone cried softly. Jessie looked up to see Miss Tyler. Tears streamed down her cheeks. When she slipped her hand into the librarian’s, the woman squeezed it hard.


“Who is that little girl, Miss Tyler?”


“Oh, Jessica dear,” sobbed Miss Tyler. “That’s Sunny, Bryce Peterson’s little sister.”

Shadows On The Lane

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