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Her mother picked up Phillip. “Yes. I figured it would keep Phillip occupied. Why?”

      “Tina and I want to help. We’ll entertain the kids. Okay?”

      Her mom unwound Phillip’s arms from their stranglehold on her neck. “You’re volunteering to babysit? Sure. I could definitely use the help. Be here by five o’clock. Oh, and wear a dress.” She threw Jessie a kiss.

      Back in her bedroom, Jessie rummaged through the closet. “A dress, for gosh sake. I haven’t had one on in months.”

      Tina leaned against the doorway with her arms folded. “Gee, Jessie. Thanks a lot for volunteering my services for a mass babysitting job.”

      “Remain calm,” whispered Jessie. “How else are we going to check out who has kids and whose voices were on the baby monitor?”

      “Ah! Very smart! Oh well, I guess I should help with the baby shower anyway since my mom is the guest of honor.”

      “We’ve got one week to find those thieves,” said Jessie. 

Strangers In The Lane

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