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      “He’s supposed to really eat with them,” said Jessie “Then when he gets teeth, there’ll be tiny dents where he bites them. You should see Phillip’s little spoon and fork. All beat up.”

      There was a sharp rap at the door. A nurse bustled into the room. She wore a white surgical mask.

      How weird, thought Jessie. Why a mask?  She glanced at her mom.

      “Time for baby to go back to the nursery.” The nurse reached down for the infant.

      “So soon?” exclaimed the baby’s mother. “He just got here.’

      The nurse didn’t answer, took the baby and left the room.

      Jessie watched her hurry out. Tennis shoes? Do nurses wear high top tennis shoes?

      Jessie and her mom chatted with Anna about the bouquets and the excitement of the new arrival. They were all laughing when a different nurse pushed open the door and walked into the room. “I’ve come for your baby, Mrs. Novak. You need to…Oh, where is he?”

      “A nurse took him about ten minutes ago.”

      The woman retreated from the room without a word.

      “What’s going on, Trudy?” asked Anna.

      “I don’t know,” said Jessie’s mom.

      Suddenly the second nurse reappeared at the door with a supervisor who said, “I’m afraid your guests need to leave, Mrs. Novak.”

      Anna Novak’s face turned white. “Why? What’s the matter?”

      “The police are closing down the hospital.” The supervisor began to cry. “ Someone took your baby.”


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