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5.0 out of 5 stars



Bits of humor sweetly blended into the mysterious ingredients as Ms. Richter's lead characters Jessie and Tina deal with the fine details behind the strange occurrence in Mr. CG. Johnson's home since his death.


Jessie, Tina and 18 month old Phillip Jessie's sweet yet annoying baby brother are precious. The story elements necessary for a great read strongly present. Relationships among Jessie's and Tina's family brought a smile to my face as I read. As things develop Tina and Jessie are blessed to have parents in the medical and legal professions.


Jessie and Tina's detective kit finally arrives just in time to be put to good use before the summer is over. The kit contents are closely similar to authentic kits used by professional detectives. Jessie has noticed a strange light reflected from Mr. Johnson's attic window. The busy adults in the neighborhood have not noticed anything bizarre happening on Willow Lane.

The mystery behind The Secret of Willow Lane twists and turns in the mystery does not manifest too early keeping the reader eagerly anticipating the next strange event and the people behind the outlandish activity surrounding Mr. Johnson and his residence after his death.


The secondary characters are nicely defined and support the conspiracies and risks making The Secret of Willow Lane a terrific mystery series. The roles of Ms. Wilson, Walter Jorgenson, Monty are paramount driving the rising action and resolution so realistic.


I plan to introduce a few fourth and fifth grade girls to this delightful series which is void of dark energy forces.


The Secret of Willow Lane is a fantastic book and I eagerly await the next installment. Hoorary! Ms. Richter for taking me back down memory lane when I impatiently looked forward to the next arrival of the Nancy Drew Mysteries.

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